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Tags: "Keyte"

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  • Descendants of Richard Keyt

    List of descendants of Richard Keyt (Keyte)
  • Fisher Collection of Deeds, etc. MF 16

    Mortgage [previous mortgage between John Freeman & John Blakeman - see cat. ref. 2014/024/DO]

    Parties: 1) John Blakeman of Chipping Campden, Fruiterer 2) Henry Holmes of Westington, Campden,…
  • Fisher Collection of Deeds, etc. MF17

    Between: 1) William Holmes of Westington, Chipping Campden, gentleman (Executor of will of father, Henry Holmes, farmer) and 2) Richard Tustin of Chipping Campden, yeoman

    Property: 3…
  • Fisher Collection of Deeds, etc. MF18

    Assignment of property? - not mortgage

    Between: 1) Richard Tustin of Chipping Campden, yeoman and 2) Joseph James of Chipping Campden, baker

    Property: 3 messuages late in occupation of John…
  • Fisher Collection of Deeds, etc. MF32

    Counterpart Lease - 14 years

    Parties: 1) Mary Keyte, wife of Samuel Keyte of Broadway, farmer & Elizabeth Taylor, wife of John Taylor of Isleworth, Middx., boot and shoe dealer 2) Guild of…
  • Fisher Collection of Deeds, etc. MF33

    Counterpart Lease - see 2014/039/DO

    Parties: Mrs M. Keyte & Mrs E. Taylor to The Guild of Handicrafts

    Property: Messuage and premises and Silk Mills at Chipping Campden. Plan included.

    Term: …
  • Fisher Collection of Deeds, etc. MF35


    Parties: 1) John Richard keitley 2) Guild of Handicrafts; Mary Keyte wife of Samuel Keyte of Broadway, farmer; Elizabeth Taylor wife of John Taylor of 19 South Street, Isleworth, Middx.,…
  • Fisher Collection of Deeds, etc. MF36

    Assignment of Lease

    Parties: 1) Guild of Handicrafts Ltd in Liquidation; The Liquidators, George Vickers 2) Joseph Fels of Elmwood, Bickley, Kent, manufacturers.

    Property: Silk Mill and all…
  • Hidcote House

    History of Hidcote House, built by Sir Francis Keyte in 1663. (See also 1996/07/DS.)
  • Keyte family

    Keyte family records fom Margaret Causer, family trees, photographs and letters.
  • Keyte family history

    Baron Keyte of Ebrington family tree drawn by M. Causer
  • Keyte family history

    Keyte family tree, Mickleton Hill Farm, Ebrington and the Samuel Keyt and Sarah Keyte connecting branches, created by Margaret Causer (nee Keight)
  • Keyte family history

    The Keyte Family Tree (Kycht, Kyte, Keyt, Kite, Keight). Covering letter from Ann & Roger Keight, Fulford,Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs.
  • Keyte family history

    Photocopies of photographs and descriptions of Keyte baronets (Keyt). Family tree. Donated 27.3.2002.
  • Keyte family history

    Keight family tree of the Keyt (Keyte, Keight, Kite) family.
  • Keyte family history

    List of contacts made by Roger Keight whilst researching the Keight,Keyt,Kite,Kyte families. Copies of inscriptions of the Keyt Baronets taken from St Eadburgha's Church, Ebrington, together with…
  • Keyte family history

    Keyte revised family trees, 5, (11/5/2000), photocopy of photograph of Ebrington Manor House, before 1945. Photocopy of an article in the News Chronicle, May 8th 1952 concerning the Cow Charity in…
  • Keyte family history

    Keyte family, 2 Family trees, sheets 1 and 9, (Keyt, Kite, Keight). Photocopy of Sir William Keyt from the National Portrait Gallery and description of Sir William Keyt and family.
  • Keyte family history

    Photocopy of a portrait of Lady Keyte from the National Gallery. Information regarding Sir William and Lady Keyte and photocopy of a portrait of Sir William Keyt, painted by Willem Wissing,…
  • Keyte family history

    CD from Roger Keight. Family Records, 2004.
  • Keyte family history

    Keyte (Keight) family, query from Roger Keight 2003, annotated by Carol Jackson, Allan Warmington, Rosemary Turner
  • Keyte family history

    Keyte family information sent to Allan Warmington from Henry Keyte, querying links with other members of the Keyte family. Family tree from Michael Keyte (1834?) - 1892 and his descendants. Keyte…
  • Keyte family history

    Correspondence between Roger Keight and Carol Jackson about the Keyte family
  • Keyte family trinkets

    30 trinkets and other items, grammar school items, three embroidered kettle holders by Mrs Harry Warmington. From Mary E.Koster-Saelle, 2007, related to the Keytes, given to her by her Keyte Aunts:…
  • Memories of Mary Koster

    Memoirs of Mary Koster (nee Jones) who lived in Cross Cottage Sheep Street. Mentions William Keyte, Charlotte Keyte, George Haysum, the Merrimans, Joe Warmington, Griggs, Graham Greene, Evelyn Waugh,…
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