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  • "Water Everywhere"

    The watermills, the floods and reconstruction of the drains. Set of slides and lecture notes for a talk given by Donald Amor, 1993.
  • Chipping Campden Images

    Leonard Multon's slides, Chipping Campden, slides labelled 401 - 500. With accompanying list of contents. Now scanned and on PC.
  • Cotswold Heritage images

    Leonard Multon Slides, Cotswold heritage, Slides D1 - D200. Now scanned and on PC
  • Cotswold Heritage Slides

    Leonard Multon's slides, Cotswold heritage, some of Chipping Campden. With accompanying list of contents. Now scanned and on PC.
  • Images of Campden

    Leonard Multon Box of slides (nos. 1 - 200, 1 missing). Index of slides, together with index to Box A, see 2007/052/P. Topics covered:
    1. Aerial views of Campden
    2. Agriculture
    3. …
  • Leonard Multon slides

    7 slides: 6 of silver items and 1 that looks like a deed.
  • Tudor Coins

    Slides. From Leonard Multon's collection
  • Views of Campden

    Leonard Multon slides of Chipping Campden, large slide box, various topics, see index in the box. Now scanned and on PC.
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